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Create an Inspiring Wall Challenge

One of the best ways I keep chugging along strong is by dedicating organizational, free-flowing and visual walls for my inspirations and goals. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing an outline of memories and plans.

Wall 1: Business

My business wall has 3 frosted glass Ikea boards, perfect for highly organized Expo marker list making and calendar outlines. It’s always satisfying to strike through text.

Wall 2: Personal

My private thoughts come out best with ink and paper, and when I need to write— when it’s more a free-flowing form of art therapy, I use giant rolls of newsprint like wallpaper to write on walls as if there were no boundaries. Often, I devote time to think about concepts, philosophical thoughts, and how to weave my love into everything I create, and these kind of thoughts can’t be tied down to an essence on a napkin or in a notebook. When they’re visible all at once, so is the larger picture. So long as I wander with a purpose, goals and desires present themselves.

Wall 3: Visual

My favorite wall is visual memory collage. It’s a garden of inspiring keepsakes from musicians whose shows rocked, colleagues who created art, and friends whose road trips were so ridiculously awesome I kept their license plate for the memories. There’s my favorite Disney characters in porcelain, next to Lego versions of the Simpsons. Stickers, cassette tapes, floppy disks, Nintendo controllers and Marilyn Monroe pix are but a few more amazing items hanging in between the keepsakes of family and friends come and gone.

Memory WallWhen I kept my ideas in plain sight, others often reviewed them, which could sometimes be embarrassing when writing about problems and solutions, for instance, but it’s also rewarding to watch others unleash their own creativity and learn from it. My friend started watercolor essence painting on newsprint pads on his walls because he saw my free-flowing paper walls. He said the demons he revealed in his watercolor paintings allowed him to see situations he’d previously handled negatively in a new light. The route to changing his thoughts and enjoying the moment more fully became clear through his self-portraits.

Writing and sketching can evoke deeper hidden truths. The childlike innocence associated with the abandonment of rules for the pleasure of creating is liberating. What manifests on the wall when you relinquish all abandon to the wandering of your mind will reverberate until you achieve some sort of enlightenment from it. And since you recorded it, you have an opportunity to see how small it really is within the bigger picture.

We challenge you: Create an inspiring wall!

Whether making lists, setting goals, free writing or gathering keepsakes, we challenge you to create an inspiring wall! Detail your hopes, dreams, desires, problems and solutions. Watch yourself change and grow over time. The self-awareness gained from gathering your ideas and revisiting them will help you get organized for the future so you can enjoy what’s happening in the moment.

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