Round Ups

Remember November?

Can you believe it’s over already?! This month has been a fantastic one, too! First we received our super cute business cards which were carefully and beautifully designed by one Miss Bethany Potter. If you were in the Shoreline area you can even see those business cards live in person at Wallcott’s. Beginning this month, you can find an exclusive selection of our clips for sale there. Booyah!


I got busy on Pinterest, pinning the day away.


We challenged you to creative an inspiring wall.

Create an Inspiring Memory Wall

We went from zero to sezy, yes sezy, with a handcrafted hair clip. Warning: you may ruin your keyboard salivating. Don’t fret, boo. We’re accepting custom orders. Send us an email, get in touch. We’re all about it.

Then we took a break from all the making to focus, for a day, on the eating. Twas deeeeee-lish!

Cooking in the Kitchen with Catfight Craft

All that stuff was great, but November’s just a memory. Look out, here comes December!

Stay tuned,

Catfight Craft

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