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Free Ornaments with $60+ Purchase on Etsy

It’s our first year making holiday ornaments by hand, and while we set out to give them to family and friends, there’s just too many leftovers! So we’re giving them away with every $60 or more purchase on Catfight Craft Etsy!

These trees go from just a dash of glitter to outright fabulous—and you can choose how wild you want it. With fabric paint, we sprayed some cute swirly patterns on burlap, then matched show-stopping tops to the beaded handles. There’s  traditional stars, too! But we couldn’t stop with burlap—we chose rockin’ silver and gold sequined fabrics to pimp these ladies to the max!

While we want them to be somewhat of a surprise, we’ve provided pics in the making so you know we’re giving away quality merch. I mean, our moms had to love these cuties, that’s how much awesome we’ve invested in each one! You decide between glitterific or burlapped when ordering Etsy merch— just send us a note on which you prefer!

Happy Holidays!

—Catfight Craft

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