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Handmade Holiday: Repurposed Comics

Those musty comics in your friends basement + whatever item around the house that would be more fun plastered in them = one helluva great handmade gift! At Catfight Craft, we’re all about repurposing items to preserve their memory, craft a new story, and save the environment. There’s so many ways to salvage unusable comics, we wanted to give you some amazing ideas you can create with basic supplies.

Comic Book Repurposing Materials


With just scissors, gel medium and a base to attach cutouts, you can make a collage in the time it takes to watch a movie or two! Cut and paste characters to make snazzy new scenes onto functional things like clipboards, boxes, books, magnets, wall art or the bottom of trays. Illustrate a photograph of your friends in comic book style, print it, and paste in into the mix! M-k, that one would take mad skills and more time, but it would be an amazing gift! The possibilities are endless!


Acrylic Medium (Soft Gel) or Modge Podge
Foam Brush
Something to plaster in comics


Cutout 2 kinds of shapes: foreground details, and background designs that can cover more space. Rearrange them in a visually appealing way to tell a new story. If you lay pieces out onto something mobile and hard, like a book, you can use another book to flip the new comic arrangement over when done, so it’s easier to glue in layers. Regardless of whether you flip your cutouts to paste them or not, coat each back thoroughly with acrylic medium or modge podge before adding to the collage, and if any bubbles form, rub them out with the back of your nail. Keep pasting and rubbing until all pieces are on, then let your masterpiece dry a few hours to a day. That’s it!

Final Results

Perhaps one of the coolest things I’ve seen was this amazing record cover my handsome friend, Garrett, put together for my birthday. He added comics that were otherwise rotting away with soft gel acrylic medium, making it a permanently sealed personal birthday note with my favorite (and otherwise unprotected) album inside!

Happy Birthday Record Sleeve by Garrett

Hopefully your repurposed comic book art is as fun and exciting as Garrett’s record! If you want more juicy handmade project ideas, follow our 12 Happy Days of Handcrafted Gifts tutorials, and create your amazing projects this season! Happy Holidays!

—Catfight Craft

2 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday: Repurposed Comics”

  1. I like your idea of upcycling of old comic books Brianna. Gel medium is a wonderful surface treatment for these.old treasures. The comics get a second life to provide more enjoyment this way. 🙂


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