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Handmade Holidays: Bottle Cap Magnets

Have a Drink, Make a Magnet! These are great gifts any time of year, and could not be any easier to make!

Call your friends up, drink some dranks and glue magnets to the backs of your caps. If you wanna get more creative, use the inside of the cap as the centerpiece, and put your own paper, trinkets, letters, stickers—any tiny treasure—and seal it in resin!


PVA Glue or another permanent adhesive

Bottle Caps from your favorite beverages

1″ Disc Magnets, or 3/4″

Amp it (optional): Decorative paper, stickers, rub-on letters, pen, marker, trinkets and resin



Use an old school single piece of metal bottle opener, or do the suave lighter trick that gets the ladies swooning—that way you don’t bend the cap. Loosen it all around the bottle before popping it off. Get the fizzies off the lid with a paper towel, or let them dry naturally, but don’t let that drink go to waste!


Cover the inside of that bottle cap with PVA glue, and plop the 1″ magnet in. 3/4″ magnets fit, too, but 1″ is the perfect size. Wiggle the magnet around, making sure it’s flat on the plastic ring inside the cap. Wipe excess leaky glue with a damp paper towel. If you want to coat the magnet so it doesn’t mark up surfaces later, use the foam brush to swipe glue across the magnet’s surface, then let your masterpiece dry.

Air Dry

Allow magnets to dry 24-48 hours, and you’ve got yourself an awesome gift for any beer, pop or art lover!

Amp that Shit

Instead of using the beer or pop bottle logo as your design, glue the magnet on that side, and fill inside the cap with your own designs! Plan a layout that shows off your style, or maybe reminds you of something. Adhere the decorative paper, letters, trinkets or scrapbook items to the inside of the cap with a dab of glue. Once the glue is dry, follow the guidelines to mix / pour your resin safely into the caps, and let them dry somewhere fumes won’t be a bother. There’s more basic jewelry pouring materials, but resin is the most professional, best looking for a job like this. You may have to pop some bubbles with a needle after you pour. Once the resin has set, glue the magnet on the other side and let it dry 24 hours.

Fun and easy, right? We love drinking and crafting! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Happy Handcrafted Holiday DIY Project!

—Catfight Craft

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