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Handmade Holiday: Paintings

Time to paint something! You can plan a painting beforehand, or feel it out—either way, the result will be a beautiful extension of yourself! Follow along to prepare, paint and seal a surface yourself.

Start with any object that needs a good coating or a cool design, like a porcelain sculpture, metal tile, gessoed canvas, plain masonite or a wood object. I customized the top of this stained and poly sealed wine box as a wedding gift for Brianna and her husband, Matt. While I sketched the general shape of the heart before painting, the birds were a happy afterthought. I incorporated their band tattoos into the design as the plaid highlights of the heart. And I layered the shit outta paints of all kinds.


Colored Pencils (for sketching)
Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush
Paint Brush
Spray Paint
Water Based Polyurethane


Paint in Layers

Get creative! Mix your colors so you’re not using the factory pre-mades. Or don’t—channel the Warhol in yourself, and emphasize the machinist. Concepts, patterns, or just pretty layered textures are all fabulous expressions whether you plan them or freestyle paint! Whatever you do, it’s all about layering.

For the wedding wine box, which was stained black and poly finish sealed already, I sketched a basic shape first, then painted a thick acrylic base. To add texture without using all my paint, I added a dab of Golden soft gel medium. Once the acrylic foundation dried, I spray painted the thickest areas of the hearts, making them splatter like a stencil. I let that bad boy dry again, then hit it with a thin brush and silver acrylic for highlights.

Seal your Work

Once your painting is completely dry, seal it with spray or pourable poly finish. Oil based polyurethane has longer drying times and amber tints, where water based poly finish dries clear within 2 hours. I prefer water based poly finish for the clarity, but some projects cry out for a warmer tone. The choice is yours—but get the proper safety gear and clean up materials required for your choice.


Hopefully you had fun painting, and got a great result out of the process! You can paint box tops, cards, and almost anything with these simple materials. There’s one last tutorial for our 12 Days of Handcrafted Gifts. Stay tuned!

Painting Wedding Box

And Happy Holidays!

—Catfight Craft

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