Time to Unwind

After a wonderful Christmas holiday with friends and family in Eastern Washington, my Honeybee and I are ready for one thing and one thing only:


Yes chillin. Hardcore chillin. I’m talking about completely signing off social media and committing to a work-free headspace for at least 24 hours. I mean chillin.

Taking time to unwind is so important in terms of one’s health, most especially in creative fields where the ideas are seemingly endless. Sometimes we have so much fun working, we just keep going. On and on, literally without stopping. Here’s an excerpt of my thoughts as I received a Christmas present from my mother-in-law:

Oh my goodness! This is so sweet! Look at this ornament. I wonder if it’s handmade. This gives me an idea for next year’s ornaments. Geez, we’re gonna need a bigger tree. I wonder what this is made of. Looks like steal, but could be copper. It’s gorgeous. Whaat?! This scarf is in-cre-dible. It absolutely must be worn with a rose lip….I should blog this.

Creative work is a never-ending process. It’s a joyous one, for sure, but taking time to rest makes time for everything to feel fresh again. That said, you won’t find us in the studio today. Nope. Instead we’ll be up to our ears in comfy pajamas and blankets.

Today is for rest.

And we challenge you to do the same! What’s your go-to chill mode like? Movie marathon? Walk in the park? Sleeping in? We wanna know! Leave your favorites in the comments below.



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