Custom Wedding Clip Design in Navy and Ivory
Fascinators, Introductions

In the Shop: Making Flower Clips

Each of our clips are handmade with love. Sneak a peek at our process—we’re craftin’ all day ‘n night!

Catfight Craft Fascinators

Take this one for instance, the lace, the color all draw your eye toward center. You always want to know more, but that doesn’t happen accidentally. We agonize, we scrunch up our faces, we find the best combinations of fabrics and feathers. We cut and stitch. There are soldering irons and sharp tools used! We strive to make items of the highest quality.

Custom Wedding Clip Design in Navy and Ivory

And that’s just fascinators. We go through such a process planning what to do next, and how to promote it. Sometimes we give a clip or book away—usually on birthdays—to help our friends decorate their lives, and to get the word out. We make quality handcrafted items, and enjoy sharing our items and knowledge of the processes with you.

Thanks for stopping in on us for a mini-tour. Find our hair clips and accessories on Etsy!


Catfight Craft

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