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A Lil’ Gift for a Friend in Need

This month, Catfight Craft is donating a lil something special to help a friend in need! After all, kind gestures connect us when we can’t be together!

While we’d like to give everyone an awesome handmade gift, Jennifer Rutledge is in a unique position which necessitates friends, family and strangers reach out with love and understanding in her time of need. We wish we could offer much, much more. But we hope the handcrafted accessory reminds you to be strong. Treat yourself. Take a break when you need to relax. Don’t sweat the misunderstandings! And repeat…

We’ll be thinking of you now, and always wishing you the best in the future!

G’luck, lady friend. One day at a time…

Bethany, Brianna & James

—Catfight Craft

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