Gilded Lilly Fascinator

Custom Fascinator: Gilded Lilly


Catfight Craft loves making custom goodness for you or for someone you love. Case in point, when our friend and super talented artist, Celeste, needed a gift for her bestie and bride-to-be, well we just got busy. Our process for custom orders is genuinely unique to each client. While some clients offer a color or use an existing clip to specify certain features, some other clients just say make it. And we do. And it’s awesome.

In this case, Celeste said to go for the gold. And let me just say, the pleasure was mine, y’all. I went.

My favorite thing about this clip is the delicate gold chain accent. It’s flirty and fun. Another great feature is the purple netting can be clipped backward for a more subtle look (pictured) or forward as a mini veil which was right on time for our bride-to-be. I hear the bridal shower was a smash.

Are you or someone you love in desperate need of some fabulous? Just a little something extra to set off a special occasion? ‘Cause we’ve got you covered!

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of our work. Making, doing and hand-crafting are our favorite things to do. And sharing. Caring is sharing, of course.



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