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Meet our Leather Daddy

Doug Potter isn’t just the leather crafting guru of Catfight Craft–he’s also my Dad! He always supported my artistic endeavors, and since we pimp his rockin’ leather alongside our fine art on Etsy, I’m going to give you a glimpse into his handcrafted lifestyle!

Hello, Doug!

Doug is the epitome of the modern craftsman! While he works the 9-5 job, he picks up creative hobbies after the grind, and lately, he’s produced one awesome accessory after another! He’s been stamping, staining and sewing leather by hand for over 3 years, and loves passing on accessories that will be used, and cherished. If you’re not lucky enough to catch him slingin’ wares at the Indiana festivals, you can shop our Etsy store, or contact us directly to inquire about custom leather works.





Magic in the Making

I’m pretty sure Dad was supposed to turn my brother’s old bedroom into an office, but chose ‘leather crafting studio’ instead. But he keeps the room buzzing, with natural hides in all phases of coloring, drying and stamping. I get weekly pictures of his leather goods in progress, like key rings, bracelets and book covers.

Get a Handcrafted Item

Doug creates all sorts of items like wallets, bracelets, cuffs, journals, and key fobs, from 100% genuine leather. Some are available on Etsy, and you can visit the shop →

Visit Catfight Craft on Etsy

Or if you want a more customized color or style, send us a request at CatfightCraft@gmail.com.

Thanks for being awesome, Dad!

❤ Bethany

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