We finally put our kitty doodles to work!


Are your sketchbooks overflowing with doodles? At Catfight Craft, we watch shows and read books together, then design iconic, fun imagery. But we tend to draw one keety face after another, with nowhere for them to call home! So last night, we put our lone cats to work, and mashed them into this cute design! Shutterfly had a promo, and we can’t resist freebies–so I scanned my drawings, digitized them in Illustrator, and whipped up a fine layout. Soon, we’ll be sending Thank You notes in style! And we can do the same for you!


Catfight Craft offers professional design services, delivers high quality files, and can point you towards solid online printers. Contact us for details on turning your ideas into cute address labels, stickers and notepads!

Or scan and illustrate your ideas! No matter your approach, people need to see your vision! An artist I like named Amy Butler once stated in an interview with CCAD’s Spring 2014 publication:

‘Each of us comes to this world with a gift, a special way of seeing things, and a unique way of expressing beauty. Don’t let the cultural fears of judgement and comparison keep you from sharing your vision. Every time we share our gifts from the heart, we shift the vibrations in the universe and lift up others, liberating them to do the same.’

This lady reminds me to stay disciplined and keep moving through life with a smile. Hopefully, it gives you some go-power, too!

We hope you’re ready to get yo’ craft on!
❤ Bethany, Catfight Craft

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