Round Ups

September Round Up

It’s officially fall—yet, we’re lucky to have sunshine on our faces! Which roughly translates to: we’re chillin’ like it’s summertime and the living’s easy! But we unleashed a few good projects unto the world this September. You may have seen Doug Potter’s handiwork on Catfight Craft—now sneak a peek into his leather studio for a glimpse of new goodies! Plus, we were commissioned to design a purple and gold bridal clip you gotta see! Fabulous ladies everywhere ask for our style— and it feels great to help them accessorize! And don’t miss our ideas on doodling–make those sketches work for you!

Sneak a Peak into Dad’s StudioDads Leather Studio on CFC

Dad’s been working hard this season! Get a glimpse into his leather studio and see this season’s wares—available soon on Etsy! Read more >

Commission a Custom Bridal ClipGilded-Lilly-Fascinator-by-CFC-RoundUp

When you can’t find the perfect bridal accents like hairpieces and boutonnieres, why not have your friends make them!?! That’s exactly what we do at Catfight Craft, and we’ve perfected our methods to bring you the best in durability and design! Read more >

Turn your Sketches into Self-PromosCFC-Notepads-Thumb-2

Wanna know what to do with all those doodles? Turn them into your own promotions! We’ve been hustling to create some branded identity designs for ourselves, and ended up with a TON of floating cat heads. Me-owzers! So, we put our designs to work by illustrating them for cards and merch! Read more >

Let’s do it 10x’s Harder Next Month!

We’re so excited to have perfected our flower clip methods, moved into illustration and design, and become solid enough that we can feature other artists on our site! But we hope you’re revvin’ up your crafting engines for the holidays—they’re almost here! So why not make something for your friends and family this year? After all, we are the makers of today, and we can create anything we put our hands, heads and hearts to creating! You can follow some of our DIY tutorials from last year’s 12 Happy Days of Handcrafted Gifts posts, or visit our Etsy shop for Catfight Craft items. We’ll be working hard to bring you awesome ornaments, linoleum block prints, flower clips—and more of Dad’s leather wares for Christmas!

Happy September!
❤ Catfight Craft

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