Halloween Group Shot 2014

Happy Halloween

It’s been another great year, and what better time to celebrate with all your friends than Halloween! Let’s dress up in our fantasy characters, indulge in fine beverages, and rock this city tonight! Nothing’s as fun as walking around in a costume—except when everyone’s doing it! I’m ready to party with the usual suspects from Halloween’s past, as well as meet some fun, new friends!

Halloween Group Shot 2014

Brianna’s going as some sort of goddess pirate like Calypso, but I’m gonna be Shelly the waitress from Twin Peaks! I don’t have a Leo or Bobby, though. Feel like joining the group? Check out my Snoqualmie, WA Real Twin Peaks Tour pics to get inspired →

And enjoy these snapshots from the disposable camera of last year’s shenanigans! Can you guess who I was—with the outrageous hair piece, mink fur collar, and tan politician gown? I’d like to give you a …clue! But I’m fresh out 😉

I hope you guys are excited about the festivities! Happy Halloween!
—Catfight Craft

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