October Round Up on Catfight Craft
Round Ups

October Round Up

We baked up a storm of donuts and sugary foods this month, including sweet potato pie and roasted pumpkin seeds. Dad has new leather on Etsy! And, it was my birthday! Not to mention it’s Halloween! Let us pay tribute to the month of October in style by swapping recipes and stories of good times past!

Catfight Craft Round Up October 2015

We were baking machines this month! Try our Chocolate Glazed Donuts →

Killer Chocolate Frosted Donuts by Catfight Craft

Indulge in our full size or mini style Sweet Potato Pie →

Sweet Potato Pie 2 Ways by Catfight Craft

Or roast the best agave nectar pumpkin seeds →

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds by Catfight Craft

Bethany’s leather craftin’ Dad unleashed new leather bracelets unto the world. Check out the selection →

Dads Bracelets Handcrafted Leather Gifts on Etsy

Again, thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! Check out Pirate Party pics →


And if you need some Halloween ideas, we’ve got your back! Visit Pics of Years Past →

Happy Halloween from CFC

We hope you have a wonderful start to fall, and throw as many parties with friends as possible. It’s officially the season, now until the new year! We plan on releasing some warming fall drinks, fun projects and new merch again next month, so like us and follow us here on WordPress and Facebook!
❤ Catfight Craft

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