November Round Up on Catfight Craft
Round Ups

November Round Up

We haven’t made our Christmas gifts yet, but we’ve still accomplished so much this November! A year after the inception of CFC, we completed our own branding— which features dualing cats! We shared our crowd-pleasing Rum Punch recipe. Brianna had her senior art thesis collaborative show, which presented conceptual as well as decorative art. We showed you how to bake acorn squash in sugary cinnamon butter. And Bethany’s Dad released more leather, which made it onto Etsy just in time for our first sale! As far as crafting an awesome life this November, we were on point! Whatever your aim, we hope these tasty recipes and crafty little things empower your creative side this season!
Catfight Craft Round Up Nov 2015

Our own branding took a long time, but we love it! If you’re in the market for a logo or visual promotion, contact Bethany Potter, CFC’s Visual Designer. Get a design quote →

Catfight Craft Logo

This Fruity Rum Punch is off the hook! Get the Recipe →Fruity Rum Punch Text by Catfight CraftBrianna made a quilt for her part in the IVA Senior Show! Check out opening night on Wrays of Sunshine →

Brianna Wray Senior Thesis Art Show QuiltOur Sweet Acorn Squash is a dessert in it’s own right. You’ll eat vegetables everyday! Get the Recipe →

Acorn Squash by Catfight Craft

And we released some new leather pieces on Etsy. Check out Doug Potter’s wares →

Accesories for Tough Muthas by Catfight CraftAnd get 30-50% off Etsy wares for supporting your small business friends! →

Catfight Craft's Small Business Sale on Etsy

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you find our recipes, art and fun stuff helpful in crafting a memorable experience! Follow our blog if you want to receive updates by email. And happy holidays!

❤ Catfight Craft

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