Round Ups

Round Up Time!

We survived the holidays! We put on our polite faces, gave handmade gifts without a care, and indulged in amazing food and drink! How’d we do it?! We made gift giving fun by collaborating on projects like handmade block printed cards! We posted beautiful things that inspired us to keep creating! We wailed on instruments with Seattle band Super Plaid! And we invented the best mix of chocolatey sugar to fuel us through times we’d like to shed tears—and we kept on movin’! We also get plenty of pets in with cats, be they family, friend’s or stranger’s. Check out all the helpers we had this month, including our new mascot, KB!


Homemade-Hot-Chocolate-by-Catfight-CraftIndulge in our original hot chocolate recipe any time of year! Whole milk and heavy spoonfuls of cocoa are the secret to satisfaction without guilt. Get the recipe →

Super-Plaid-Basement-Jam-2When Seattle’s funky rock band Super Plaid get together, it’s spectacular! These pics will make you wanna jam →

Block Printing 101 with Duke and CFCOur most popular tutorial is back! And this time, Duke is here to encourage you! Handmade cards are always appreciated. Follow our easy block printing tutorial to make our own →

Catfight Crafts New MascotWe have a lace bandit in our midst, and decided to sign him up for Mascot duties! Meet Kitty Bear. He responds to KB and K-Bieber, too. Say hello to our new mascot! →

Happy Holidays from Catfight Craft 2016 featureWe had a merry Christmas, and hope you did, too! Read our many thanks and help us celebrate! →

Holiday Leather Sale Promo Snowflakes FeatureCatfight Craft had it’s first Etsy sale—and we’re still offering fabulous prices on handmade leather goods! Visit the Etsy shop →

Pinterest Boards to Follow by CFCAnd as always, you can follow our Pinterest boards. We post finished projects, ideas we aspire to make, and other fun findings! Follow your favorite CFC boards on Pinterest →

Subscribe-to-Catfight-CraftOr simply subscribe to our blog and receive up-to-date DIY project ideas, tutorials, recipes and access to rockin’ handmade crafts! We love what we do, and being able to share our passions with you is a real treat! Thanks for tuning in! Follow our blog to receive notifications of 2016’s crafting adventures →

Follow CFC on Bloglovin ButtonYou can also receive our posts alongside all your favorites! Follow us on Bloglovin →

We hope you made it through the holidays with a smile! We look forward to working with even more individuals and communities in the year to come! It’s been a pleasure sharing what we love most with you!

Happy New Year!
❤ Catfight Craft

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