Making New Year’s Resolutions Fun Again

How’s your New Year’s resolutions coming? Are you still on track? We started a few days late, but holidays are celebrated heartily at Catfight Craft! Now we’re back in the swing of work and school life, we’re determined to be more mindful of our time and investments. We missed out on some opportunities last year, and won’t be making those mistakes again. We believe we’re uplifting communities by encouraging people to nurture their artistic side. After all, forms aren’t given functions without creativity. Cultural hubs aren’t built by engineers. Great things come from small folks like you and me, who embrace differences and uplift each other in ways we can all shine! So, we’re not going to miss a beat in 2016!

We’re going to set new standards in crafting by showing people why creativity, quality, and fair working conditions are so valuable to our global community’s success. Instead of factory-made wares, we’re going to buy responsibly from fair-trade suppliers to produce our fashions and fine art. We’re going to manufacture everything we can with our own practiced hands. And making a bucket list would definitely help in our research, organization and vacation planning—a must for the hard at work!

Yes, and I—Brianna, that is, resolve to wear something handmade every day. As a crafter, I have a tendency to make mostly for others and leave my number one client—me—out. The goal is not only to make more for myself, but also buy more from other makers.

What are your resolutions lists looking like? Are you stepping into 2016 with sure footing, or flying by the seat of your pantyhose? We do a bit of both around here as per Bri’s motto: whatever it takes! We are the makers of the way and the dreamers of the dreams!

Thanks for following our adventures! We hope to have many more. Let’s rock 2016!

Catfight Craft

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