David Bowie Monkey Love Street Art

We Love You, David Bowie!

While walking in the still-quaint Wallingford borough of Seattle on David Bowie’s birthday, I spotted a handful of illustrated posters of him on multiple telephone poles. There was no text—just wonderful imagery, tips ‘n’ personal tricks to feast your eyes upon—it was an amazing display of street art! I was so inspired (which happens every time I see Bowie doing his weird-ass thang, even through someone else’s eyes), I went home and watched the Labyrinth again, just to check out the glam kit in action!

David Bowie Monkey Love Street Art

Wowie, we’ll miss you, Bowie, R.I.P. Those costumes! That hair! I wonder what it was like to pass Bowie in the streets. He must have been one confident, glamorous guy, all the time! He reminds me to embrace my fabulous freaky side, and get through those troubles with a little lipstick, song and dance.

So, in honor of DB, we, too, will plan a great tribute! There will be movies, dancing, drinks, food and more Bowie than you can shake your booty at—tonight! Bring your best glam face and help us celebrate his outrageous personality and awesome contributions to the musical and cinematic worlds.

And don’t forget booze or those red dancing shoes!


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