Round Ups

Let’s Round this Sheeot Up!

Oh my Gawd, we have a cat café?! Yes!!! We have a Cat Café, a beautiful collection of cat-related pins on Pinterest, conehead cats to inspire and delight— really, we’ve got all the kitty bases covered this month. Check out our Round-Up of awesome places, art sightings, and (yassss!) all things cat on CFC!


Seattle-Meowtropolitan_4Have you been to a Cat Café? Take our virtual tour of the new Seattle Meowtropolitan! →


Pinterest-Flying-Catsual-BoardWe’ve been busy on Pinterest, flying Catsual! See our latest cat-inspired collections →


Happy-New-year-from-CFCWe talked about making New Years resolutions fun. How’s it going—are we livin’ the dream? Read our post for some positive inspiration →


Year-In-Review-2015-croppedYou guys know we can see your search terms—you dirty bastards—as well as the posts you visit most often?! Yup! We know all about your obsession with the Solstice Parade Bikers, comic books and video games. We adore that stuff, too! Check out our nerdy posts you made so popular in 2015 →


David-Bowie-Monkey-LoveWe also found a beautiful telephone pole tribute to David Bowie in Wallingford, a Seattle borough. Read our Tribute to Bowie →


Brown Slit 2" Leather Cuff by Catfight CraftAnd we sent another fabulous genuine leather handcrafted cuff to it’s new home! Check out the remaining 3 in the collection →


Thanks for joining our crafting adventures this month. We hope you enjoyed our catness! Stay tuned for more fun in February!

—Bethany, Brianna and Doug

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