Catfight Craft is a trio of artists who joined forces in 2014 to make fabulous handmade art – and share it with you! Our practiced hands combined have since honed numerous skills, from leather working to lace accessorizing, to simply living a brighter life! We’ve been invited to local shops and festivals – as well as commissioned to produce unique, personalized gifts. And we’re unafraid to explore new mediums. We love a good challenge – or catfight, as well call them – where we explore our limits and share results on our blog. Join us in our crafting adventures!

Meet the Team

Bethany Potter Portrait
Bethany Potter
Bethany is the Creative Art Director at Catfight Craft. She manages the overall content strategy and design, from photography and writing to manufacturing. She hopes her all-encompassing spirit inspires everyone to share their talents with communities at large.
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Brianna Wray Bio Portrait
Brianna Wray
Brianna is a Co-Founder and Social Media maven at Catfight Craft. When she’s not Insta-Booking or crafting, she’s likely covered in sawdust, or tucked in the art building at UW, learning more skills. She’s pret-ty intent on reflecting all the sunshine and brightness in the world one handcrafted memory at a time.
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Doug Potter
Doug is Bethany’s Dad, and CFC’s leather-lover extraordinaire! He designs images and stamps textures on genuine leather hides before staining them rich colors, and sewing everything by hand. His wallets, cuffs, key fobs, knife sheaths and notebooks are all high-quality, durable works of art.
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Read our Reviews

Catfight Craft exceeded my expectations with this purchase!! It shipped and was delivered quickly with a special touch on the envelope. The fit of the bracelet is perfect and thanks so much for the extra gift, my King will love it! Will definitely return for business, and tell your dad his craftsmanship is perfect!!!
—Jenise Griffin, owner of the Handmade Cannabis Leather Bracelet


Dear Catfight Craft, I received an amazing, random act of kindness in the mail, and it totally made my day! What a wonderful surprise and reminder that I have the support of so many in my chronic Lyme disease journey. Not to mention, I am now a proud owner of a fabulous Catfight Craft leather bracelet. Thank you Bethany, Brianna, and James. Your team rocks!
—Jennifer Rutledge, owner of the Pink Hearts Leather Bracelet

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Visit Catfight Craft on Etsy ButtonIf you’re looking for unique gifts, we opened the Catfight Craft Etsy Shop in fall of 2014 to share a slice of our handmade happiness! We hope our handcrafted approach to life awakens the rock star in you!

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And Craft On!

❤ Catfight Craft
–Bethany, Brianna & Doug