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Seattle Meowtropolitan

Here at Catfight Craft, cats are our power animals. We love kitties! You may've even met our mascot, Bethany's Kitty Bear recently, so, of course, Seattle Meowtropolitan was on our radar from the moment the 44 electro-trolleyed past it. They partner up with Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) to host cat experiences that are fun for cats… Continue reading Seattle Meowtropolitan

Block Printing 101 with Duke and CFC
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Back by Popular Demand: Linoleum Block Printing 101

Let Duke be your guide to a year of fluff-free cards! These babies will never see the darkness of a trash can, because they're original works of art. People will keep them! And making block prints is easy and inexpensive. Once you've got supplies, you can run your own workshop from home! Follow our simple… Continue reading Back by Popular Demand: Linoleum Block Printing 101

Catfight Crafts New Mascot
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Kitty Bear, Our New Mascot

This lace bandit and I found each other one cold day, when he was hungry and followed me home. I entered him into the lost and found database at the animal shelter, alerted nearby vets, and posted fliers all over the hood, but no one claimed this adorable moustached man. And four years later, here… Continue reading Kitty Bear, Our New Mascot


We finally put our kitty doodles to work!

Are your sketchbooks overflowing with doodles? At Catfight Craft, we watch shows and read books together, then design iconic, fun imagery. But we tend to draw one keety face after another, with nowhere for them to call home! So last night, we put our lone cats to work, and mashed them into this cute design!… Continue reading We finally put our kitty doodles to work!