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It’s not so much a bucket list, as a way of life

We've thought long and hard about what shapes our happiness, and how to spread our crazy cheer like wildfire. It can be hard to stay positive in the dreary winter days without a little homemade fun! So, we surround ourselves with wholesome things: good smells, decorative lights, trinkets from friends—anything that evokes a chill vibe.… Continue reading It’s not so much a bucket list, as a way of life


Time to Unwind

After a wonderful Christmas holiday with friends and family in Eastern Washington, my Honeybee and I are ready for one thing and one thing only: Yes chillin. Hardcore chillin. I'm talking about completely signing off social media and committing to a work-free headspace for at least 24 hours. I mean chillin. Taking time to unwind… Continue reading Time to Unwind

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12 Happy Days of Handcrafted Gifts

Follow along for the next 12 days, and we'll show you what to make everyone on your list, from the antique lovers, foodies, artists— and even mom! Christmas sneaks up fast after Thanksgiving, and no matter how much prepping you've done, there's always more to do! It's like everyone's birthday all at once! So to… Continue reading 12 Happy Days of Handcrafted Gifts

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Create an Inspiring Wall Challenge

One of the best ways I keep chugging along strong is by dedicating organizational, free-flowing and visual walls for my inspirations and goals. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing an outline of memories and plans. Wall 1: Business My business wall has 3 frosted glass Ikea boards, perfect for highly organized Expo marker list making… Continue reading Create an Inspiring Wall Challenge