Hot Chocolate Boot

Homemade Hot Cocoa

This hot cocoa recipe has been in the works for years, and I think I've finally created the best cup! Though it's only a few simple ingredients, mixing them according to consistency is key. Because the milk and sugars aren't so heavy, the rich chocolate is enough to satisfy that sweet tooth year round! Get… Continue reading Homemade Hot Cocoa

Acorn Squash by Catfight Craft

Sweet Acorn Squash

Has it been a New Years resolution to eat more vegetables? We can help you achieve that goal! Veggies are the healthiest things you could eat—but they don't always taste great! So, we've added our own savory sugar 'n' spice combo! Get our Sweet Acorn Squash Recipe →

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Handmade Holiday: Candied Spiced Nuts

Candied nuts don't require much effort or time in this simple recipe— a combination of Martha Stewart's bake times, Bri's nuts, and a little extra sugar n spice. The Quick Version The sugars melt as the nuts toast, saving time over the stove top method. Try candied nuts and their sugary crumbs in salads, banana bread, pancakes and… Continue reading Handmade Holiday: Candied Spiced Nuts

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Handmade Holiday: Recipe Cards

Handwritten, homemade recipes are thoughtful, classic gifts! Use our template to get started. My mother frames our great grandma's handwritten dessert cards on her kitchen wall—they're a work of art, a constant reminder of grams, and a family tradition, after all! She put so much love into her cookies, it shows all over those used… Continue reading Handmade Holiday: Recipe Cards