Winter Trees Leather Journal

Winter Trees Leather Journal *

This light brown handmade leather notebook was designed by Doug Potter, Catfight Craft’s own leather guru. The cover depicts bare winter trees in the night time moon, which carry over onto the back side. The slight distressed markings enhance the warm tones of the otherwise smooth surface. The book cover measures approximately 4 1/4″ w x 6 3/4″ h x 3/4″ deep, and comes with 2 replaceable 3.5″ x 5.5″ 200 page lined notebooks.

Doug is Bethany’s leather craftin’ Dad. He creates durable, functional goodies by by carving, slicing and stamping cow hides, then sewing everything by hand. Read more about Doug and his process →

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*This piece has sold. But if you’re looking for a unique gift, we design one-of-a-kinds, matching sets, and custom accessories.
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