Catfight Craft believes art reflects the voices and values of our communities. We donate services to charitable causes and sponsor events and organizations, because nurturing the individual uplifts the spirit, and encourages everyone to be happy!

We invite people to sponsor giveaways on Catfight Craft. We believe in the healing power of handmade art, and like to take every opportunity we can to partner with good people, and spread positive vibes. But we can’t do it alone! Sometimes, we need help—so, we created this giveaway idea! There’s varying levels of financial support and corresponding featured ad space we’ve allotted—and we’ll even design the site promotions for you! Contact us with inquiries, and we’ll let you know what ideas are in the works, and which packages are currently available.

In-Kind Contributions
We love incorporating your buttons, fabrics or artist materials into our work! Contact us for our address—and include yours, so we can send you a handmade thank you card in appreciation!

We often partake in community events and charitable causes. If you’d like to host or pair up, contact us with details!

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