Round Ups

Let’s Round this Sheeot Up!

Oh my Gawd, we have a cat café?! Yes!!! We have a Cat Café, a beautiful collection of cat-related pins on Pinterest, conehead cats to inspire and delight— really, we've got all the kitty bases covered this month. Check out our Round-Up of awesome places, art sightings, and (yassss!) all things cat on CFC!  … Continue reading Let’s Round this Sheeot Up!


Making New Year’s Resolutions Fun Again

How's your New Year's resolutions coming? Are you still on track? We started a few days late, but holidays are celebrated heartily at Catfight Craft! Now we're back in the swing of work and school life, we're determined to be more mindful of our time and investments. We missed out on some opportunities last year,… Continue reading Making New Year’s Resolutions Fun Again