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Let’s Round this Sheeot Up!

Oh my Gawd, we have a cat café?! Yes!!! We have a Cat Café, a beautiful collection of cat-related pins on Pinterest, conehead cats to inspire and delight— really, we've got all the kitty bases covered this month. Check out our Round-Up of awesome places, art sightings, and (yassss!) all things cat on CFC!  … Continue reading Let’s Round this Sheeot Up!

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Follow our Pinterest portfolios for original recipes, DIY creations, and a look at inspiring designs. See what kinds of projects give us the craftin' bug. And feel free to re-pin them pretty pictures! We love knowing someone could be crafting with us in spirit! Art is as much about a finished product as it is… Continue reading Follow CFC on Pinterest


Pinning the Day Away

Hey y'all, We started a new Pinterest board of fine art favorites, check it out! https://www.pinterest.com/catfightcraft/fine-finds/ Lately, we've been drawn to printmaking techniques, paintings, you name it! Anything with great (and varying) line quality, bold, graphic pieces with implied lines and great color. Seriously. We'll swoon. Catfight Craft is gearing up toward having some of our fine… Continue reading Pinning the Day Away